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The Oracle Reflection Cards

  • AED 72

The Oracle, a deck of cards inspired by the natural world and designed to help guide you on your journey of self-discovery. Draw the Yoga cards from the deck and use the included fold-out guides to prompt and record your thoughts as you progress. Although some people may be new to yoga, others may want to extend their journey further, which often entails significant self-reflection. As such, the Calm Club Oracle Cards are designed with this purpose in mind. The 42 cards inspired by the natural elements and energies ensure those on a journey of self-discovery and harnessing the correct energy. To use the cards, simply draw yoga cards from the deck, and then use the accompanying guides to stay on the right track of enlightenment and ensure that all progress is reported correctly. As well as being an ideal gift for yoga enthusiasts online, the Calm Club Oracle Cards can also be partnered with other products from Luckies to offer the ultimate yoga experience. 



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